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Buying a House: What Can Give You a Competitive Edge?

a man thinking of a house

If you’re planning to buy a new house, it is important to know more about your local housing market. This will allow you to act right away when “the one” comes along. You can do this by looking at listings in your preferred area and researching potential home prices. This will also give you an […]

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Are You Card Invisible? Here Are Ways to Correct It

Millions of Americans don’t have a credit score, and the problem lies with a lack or limited credit history. In a 2015 study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), about 45 million Americans didn’t have a credit score from any of the three credit bureaus. More than 10 percent of the adult population in […]

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Which Term is Right for You? 15-Year vs. 30-Year Loan

Buying a home is a long-term financial commitment. If you’re getting a mortgage, you need to choose between a 15-year and a 30-year term. Both lengths have pros and cons and examining them can help you choose the ideal loan term. 15-Year Loan This term is less risky for lenders, as it is half shorter […]

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