How to avoid going to court for a divorce

Couple ignoring each other

Couple ignoring each otherDivorce is difficult for families. The whole process can become even harder if there is a protracted legal battle over children, assets or terms. It is easier if all parties can agree to avoid court if possible.

A divorce solicitor in London who is committed to amicable divorce, like Saracens Solicitors, can help clients reach a peaceful solution in a number of different ways.

Facts, focus and future

These are three important concepts that a divorce solicitor in London can assist with:

  • Facts – in the emotional turmoil that is divorce, it can be hard for those involved to see the true facts of a case, devoid of any bias. A divorce solicitor in London will be skilled at separating the useful knowledge from any personal story and giving their client an objective overview;
  • Focus – once the facts are in place, a divorce solicitor can help their client focus on what is important such as their children or future financial security. They can lay out the potential outcomes and help their client to make the decisions and compromises that they need to in order to resolve any issues;
  • Future – once a divorce is settled, it inevitably becomes easier to move on for all parties and their family. The future can look much brighter with some certainty about what will happen.


If someone wants to go to court, they need to show that they have first attended a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) in order to try and resolve their differences peacefully. Mediation can address many issues from childcare agreements to the division of assets. Many solicitors can provide this service or point their clients in the direction of someone who can. There are some circumstances under which someone might be exempt from attending a MIAM such cases where domestic violence is a problem. A solicitor can advise on these circumstances and make their client’s case to the judge where necessary.

A non-contested divorce does not require a MIAM to proceed. The courts involved can issue a decree nisi and, six weeks and one day later, a decree absolute upon application. The divorce is then complete. A good divorce solicitor will guide their client through this process in the most amicable way possible.