Attending to Your Property Conveyancing Needs

House miniature and a key

House miniature and a keyWorking on projects, project managers know to treat closeouts as separate projects. All the same, home sellers who have found a buyer and have sold their houses treat conveyancing as a separate sub-project. It is vital in a sale, but to get it done, it needs all the attention that is due to its process.

A Procedure

Conveyancing is a documentary procedure where a house’s ownership is transferred from one party to another. To do that, documents like deeds of sale are drawn up and filed with the land registry office. You may have all these papers signed and have everything paid, but unless the land registry gets their copy, the sale has not been officially consummated.

Transferring Rights

There are specific costs associated with conveyancing, and this is where most people have problems. The document itself is straightforward, as it describes the transfer of ownership, rights, liens, or any mortgage. It gives a thorough explanation of who owns what and what it entails. It also sets down that the old ownership has been cancelled because of the transfer of ownership, meaning the old owner no longer has any right to the property.


When you look at it, the document itself can be a straightforward. It has to be notarised, and the stakeholders, including the buyer, seller, conveyancing agent or solicitor, and registry have copies of the document. Taxes and stamps are also included in the associated costs of conveyancing. For most instances, the documents are standardised.

Conveyancing becomes complicated when there are other factors to consider, including limitations to succeeding transfer or sales, as well as mortgage balances requiring payment. If you require a speedy resolution, and other experts recommend researching the necessary info to know which contains what you need to transfer and register a property sale.

Property buying and selling may seem complicated, but you can make these processes go smoothly with the right knowledge and people to work with.