3 Mobile Apps to Help You Be A Money-Smart Millennial

Mobile App

Are you still living life on edge, living paycheck to paycheck? Do you still have days when you can only subside on instant noodles till the next payday? If so, then it’s about time to get your life on track and start being more financially stable. This doesn’t have t be as drastic as finding a better paying job. It can be as simple as organizing your funds and knowing how to budget properly. You may be young but it doesn’t mean that your money habits should reflect your age.

For starters, you can try these mobile apps to keep track of your finances:


If you’ve ever wondered about the little ways on how you can cut on your expenses, wonder no more because Qapital can do it for you. The catch, however, is that you need to open a new savings account to start using this app. But the perks of the app far outweighs the con as Qapital can help push you reach your financial goals. It will encourage you to spend less on things you don’t need to  help you save for your target.


For many, Mint is the best financial mobile out in the market right now, and that’s for good reason. Aside for being free for both iPhone and Android users, Mint helps you look at your accounts updated in real time and it alerts you when you’re about to go over budget. It organizes and tracks your spending, and you can view all this on their accompanying Web app.

Stash Invest

Want to start investing but don’t know where to start? You can start small by using Stash Invest. For as little as $5, users start buying, selling, and monitoring investment through the app. You can use the app for free for the first three months, but for a fee of $1 for the succeeding month, then it’s worth the investment.

Using these apps may be a small step to build your financial empire, but it’s definitely a good start.